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May. 23rd, 2007


The best day in my life

Actually, I have many gorgeous days in my live. I mean, a lot of unforgettable events. I want to tell one of these days. I did training course «Plenty and prosperity». And we had a home work to go on vacation on three days, but we should did it for one evening! It means that we should had a rest like a real rest for three days, but did it for one evening. First, we went to London streets (in reality we get for a walk on Lenina Street), after we went to sky-blue coast France (in reality we were on lakeside Shershni), after this trip late at night we went to Ibiza (we went to Ozersk, where lived our friend, who traveled with us, we went to nightclub in Ozersk). During one evening we visited three country. It was so outstanding day in my live!!! ^)

May. 17th, 2007


My observation

At last weekend we with my friends went to resort «Ural daybreak». After we came from resort at Saturday, we went to Shershni by car. It was raining. We sat into the car, when rain done. And after heavy rain we saw miracle. It was rainbow! But not one rainbow, there are three rainbows on the sky!!! It was so beautiful; I never saw three rainbows at the same time. One rainbow was very bright, like a light ray, each color of rainbow was very-very bright. This rainbow began from lake (Shershni). Other two rainbows was not so bright. But it was very beautiful. After half hour the rainbows evanesced. However, impressions will keep for ever. ))

Apr. 25th, 2007



IF… I think this word in our life we use very often. Actually for me it’s a terrible word. You dream sometimes and forget reality life… If I was a reach, I will not work hard, I will travel, will relax with my friends, will do some interesting and so on… But you should return in your life and don’t think everything be easer. Some situation doesn’t depend on us. But our happiness it’s our work without if. I think “if” it’s word for looser and poor people. You should do it without “if”. I very often use this fraise “If I didn’t do this, everything will be great”. It’s a mistake, because I do it already, it’s a fact. We can’t return back our life. You do something and you should answer for your action. So if I think we should use in mathematics and less in our life.

Apr. 16th, 2007


about "if"

What I can say about «if»… ?! I have a lot of conditions in my live. For example, if I have many customers in my department in my company, I’ll have a good salary. If I have a good salary I’ll can do a lot of things: to have vacations 4-5 times in the year, to buy a new car every year and others. 
Now I need to go to my English course, and I don’t have time to finish this text about conditions in my live, about «if» in my live. I’ll finish that tomorrow. ))

Apr. 27th, 2007


(no subject)

Apr. 12th, 2007


(no subject)


    Next week we are shifting to a different schedule.
We'll have classes on MONDAY (at 19:00) and THURSDAY
(at 18:30)

Apr. 6th, 2007



Time in my life it's very important thing. In Chelyabinsk I have a lot of time, i can do it everything, because after work (it's finished at 6 or 7 p.m) i have lesure time. I can go to swimm, to play tennis, to learn english, to met with friends and so on. In Moscow i spent a lot of time in trafic and work. Usually my work day started in Moscow at 6 a.m. and finished at 11 p.m. I haven't a day when I come to office in time, it's happend very seldom. At the end of the work week you feel not good, you want to sleep all day at the weekend, you want nothing. And you think that you can't do it all time, you want to some rest. All people everyday hurry up. So now I have some rest, but actually sometime i miss for Moscow, sometime I want to stay in traffic, want to go to metro. 

Apr. 5th, 2007


A Scared Story. A Time. Both

When I started to tell to you this story, I just fink - what can I say? What about? Our life is so gorgeous! There is no time to happend scare story.

But next moment I think that it isn`t true. It "smell fishy", its really hard to bealive! Thas thoughts can visit only hight positive gamblers - person from the another planet. Somtimes we have to forget bad or scared story, but now - quite right time to (re)member :-) one scare story. Not for doing homework, just by the way, without reason.

Ok, lets about story. Sorry, I dont now what about....
Wow! Remember.

Ok it was at Thai (Thailand).
It was my first visit to Great Unpreadictable Asia. It was fanny trip. All my friends cant to go with me, cos they have so many reasons, and I say to myself: You can do it yourself (not alone, quite yourself!)

And at the middle of November, 2005. I get airplaine from Chebalduyevo to Bangkok with one stop for 6 hours at Tashkent. Then from Bangkok (I sleep, and later to begin of tourist tour at all the day to the Great Thousand Years Church, lose but sleep excelent))) moved to Pattaya.

I have good 2 weeks, full of emotions, meeteings, new friends, beach, sand, sun,jetsky, bunjy jumping and so on. At our last excursion guide ask for us - can we pick up all your group at airport (pick upping was at 2.30 p.m. night) at all the hotels in quite right time? Is anybody person here who later usually?
All the said OK, i think to say no, but Vualyua (girl who live in my hotel called Jomtien Garden Resort, i remember) said that she will looks for me and i directly will be in a time.

And... of course after last disco (all the close at 1.30 pm) we came back to hotel and think - whats th first - to put the thinks in uor laggadge boxes or to have a last swimming and splashing? We was drunk - of course we choose to swim a bit.

It was first time in my life when i see low tide. Ocean goes about 300 meters from the coast. We dress off and run to swim, all will be ok and when we went to go to hotel, i go throught the low water i step on sea-urchin.... First time i think that it was piece of glass, but when i look at foot... there was so many small needles))))

We went to receptoin and say that we need in steel and vodka or like alcohol and rum and bandage, we`ll have it only in a 20 minutes. Vualyua rubs foot by alcohol, I wash the bandage by the rum and took it in mouth and...
Our bus to airport is coming in that time )))

In a 40 minutes of hell all will be ok. That being tha case - we was at the enter of hall and all our friends from group look at me and my problem frought the bus windows and waiting for us (3 per) at about 1 hour))

General manager of hotel at the present time go with other my friends and puts all my clothes in a bag )) ALL the thinks

And after that we go by bus at airport as quikly as it possible ))

I think that is story not only about scare, but about timу too ))

Apr. 3rd, 2007


(no subject)

I want to send the comment, but I don't know, how I can do it.


To ALL !

Hello everyone ;)

Just a short note to remind you that this Wednesday and Thursday we have longer classes, 2 hours instead of 1.30!!! Please keep that in mind ;)
See you all on Wednesday!

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